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Sponsored Research/ Project 2021 - 2022

More Health Organics Pty Ltd (NASAA Registration Number: 8976R)

Research is an important aspect of education and organisations. Research studies help the organisations to understand the lay of the road and shape of things to come such that the educational programmes can be appropriately modified and sharpened according the needs of the society. Further help the organizations to understand the problems to explore the appropriate steps to be initiated. With this in view, we have started an initiative to fund research studies on selected areas Asian countries. The initiative has been known as the `Sponsored Research'.

Under the Sponsored Research initiative 2021 - 2022, the More Health Organics invites high-quality research proposals that examine the significant questions of public concerns and demands of Asian countries in the following areas:

1. Opportunities in Asian markets: for research in the broad area of new certified organic products and public demand for organic evolution.

2. Education: Areas for research that has direct relevance to the strengthening of the organic farming and organic food consumption in Asia.

3.Organic Evolution: Research is designed to promote increased understanding of the Organic products, its growth and benefits, and certification of products and certifying bodies in India.

Who can participate: Teams sponsored/ identified by research organizations/ institutes/ corporates/ research organizations/institutions having a proven track record, are eligible to apply.

Research Proposal: The Research Proposal(s) submitted should, among others, focus on the research objective/s, hypothesis, research design, methodology and execution plan of the proposed project.

Project duration: The project is tenable for a maximum period of one year.

Funding: Maximum amount of AUD 10,000/- or equivalent

Applicant research organizations/ researchers are required to submit typed proposals with forwarding letter from the institute in English along with a brief bio-data highlighting their experience in conducting similar research. The front page of the proposal should contain following details: Name, Designation, Address, E-mail, Phone No. Title of Research Proposal Major Objective/s of Research.


The last date for submission of the proposal is 28th February 2021 (likely to be extended till March 7th under certain circumstances). The soft copy of the proposals can be sent at organics@morehealth.com.au