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Foothills Organic Farm

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Foothills Organic Pty Ltd is a vegetable and melon farm in Yeo.

Joe Sgro’s family have always farmed organically – it is just the way they farm. Joe’s, dad Pasquali still grows peas just down the road. Certified by NASAA in 1992 Joe maintains the fertility of his soils by rotating his crops around 8 x 10 acre blocks, regularly green manuring with broad beans to rest and restore his land. He uses composts and biologically active products like Bactivate to build up beneficial bacteria and fungi in the soil. Joe’s water comes from a spring fed dam at the bottom of his valley and in dry years he tops up with town water. Other growers like Organix Tomatoes, Carlisle Farm Citrus, Mornington Peninsula broccoli and Streamside mushrooms get their produce to market by sharing space on Joe’s truck or by sharing a spot at his market stand. Joe goes out of his way to support other growers who would otherwise find it hard to access the large Melbourne organic market.

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