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Forest Orchards Organic Farm

  • Australia
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Graeme & Fiona Schultz, with their two sons Carey & Kym have been supplying amazing apples since 1999. Located in the picturesque suburb of Forest Range, South Australia the family property stretches over 60 beautiful hectares…25 of which is orchard, the other 35 remaining virgin bush land.

The farm has been owned by the Schultz family for many years, initially growing premium quality, pesticide free apples. Graeme and Fiona decided around 15 years ago to convert to Organic, and today the farm is renowned for producing Australia’s best certified organic apples. Growing Fuji’s, Pink Ladies, Jonathon’s, Granny Smiths, Red Delicious and Golden Delicious Apples, the variety is extensive. Forest Orchards, as the property is best known, is a family owned and run farm that employs several locals, who after so many years are basically part of the family too. Having sustainable practices as a major concern their Apples are supplied around Australia in recyclable/re-useable black crates.

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