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Manna Farms

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In a time when more and more farms are passing out of family hands and into corporations, we have gone against the tide. Manna Farms remains solely in our family’s hands and has grown into the largest producer of Biodynamic almonds in the country and one of the leading producers of Biodynamic citrus and avocados.

In the red earth of Nangiloc and Colignan, an hour out of Mildura, in Victoria’s far north west, Manna Farms has been growing biodynamic fruit to nourish your life since the late 1980s. In the years since our family first purchased land in Nangiloc, we’ve challenged commonly accepted farming practices, delivering consistently high quality fruit and we currently have 293 hectares in production. Whilst our father, Ian Keens, who named the family business ‘Manna’ meaning ‘divine or spiritual nourishment’, is still involved in Manna Farms, he has passed the day to day running on to us, his sons, David and Rob. Raised in the shadow of our father’s passion for biodynamic farming, we along with our highly skilled staff, are driven to not only fulfil our father’s vision but surpass it.

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