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Mt.Whitestone Organic Farm

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The story of Mt Whitestone Farms begins in 1930, when our property was purchased by Gary’s grandfather for the purposes of pig farming and dairying.

Gary’s father attempted to expand the business by growing onions and potatoes. However, overly salty groundwater proved problematic and he moved to brassicas, which were known to be more salt tolerant. There were more challenges to follow as the soil hardened over time and the terrain became more damaged. Large slabs of rock-hard soil were being dragged up during cultivation, and traversing paddocks became increasingly difficult. Although his father disagreed, Gary decided to try moving forward in a different direction – towards the use of organic farming techniques. He began experimenting with different combinations of natural fertiliser, while reducing the amount of artificial fertiliser and chemicals used. It felt like some progress was being made but Gary still wasn’t completely satisfied. Gary became certified organic with BFA (the Biological Farmers Association) but he felt that there was still something missing. After reading about bio-dynamic farming he thought it sounded like a more holistic and successful method. Mt Whitestone Farms was certified to use the Demeter trademark in 1994. We have maintained our registration with the Australian Bio-Dynamic Research Institute (BDRI) every year since then.

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